Album review: The Duckworth Lewis Method – ‘The Duckworth Lewis Method’

Ah, the sound of leather on willow...

Here’s an unlikely phrase: ‘indie cricket concept album’. But The Divine

Comedy’s Neil Hannon has indeed teamed up with Thomas Walsh, an Irish

demi-pop star from the ‘90s band Pugwash, in an ode to the gentleman’s game. There are some lovely moments: the surrealist intro and outro is

light-hearted and atmospheric, Walsh’s whimsical tone on ‘Flatten The Hay’

and the driving piano on ‘Rain Stops Play’ are quite joyful, but as a pop

album it fails to convince. The record lurches between clichéd

harpsichord-driven ditties and cringeworthy soft-rock pop songs that rely on the inventiveness of their concept over the originality of their music.

Nat Davies

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