Album Review: The Duke Spirit – ‘Bruiser’

An album overflowing with jagged riffs

It’s hard to understand why this lot never really took off. Their rock rollicking on debut ‘Cuts Across The Land’ was a thing of arresting sexiness – see the ever-fresh ‘Love Is An Unfamiliar Name’. Yet despite an equally winning second album, ‘Neptune’, they just… fell off the radar. It’s with some bafflement we can report that their third sees them still being really good. The jagged-riffed, swaggering ‘Procession’ is as darkly pouty as ever, the sprawling psych of ‘Bodies’ admirably ambitious, the sultry, charming ‘Don’t Wait’ irresistible. Maybe they’re just too solid, too classic, too… lacking in danger, but ‘Bruiser’ proves they’re still putting up a hell of a fight.

Duncan Gillespie