Album review: The Duloks – ‘Children Of The Sea’

Shouty twee-pop trio unveil their manifesto

Fuck race, fuck nationality, fuck gender – there are only two kinds of people: dickheads and dudes. Which camp you fall into can be determined by how you feel about this, the debut from glam

lo-fi pop queens The Duloks (named after the evil Ewoks in the Star Wars spin-off cartoons, fact fans). If, for example, you despair at the potty-mouthed lyrics, 8-bit drums, Bontempi organ or commitment to quality over competence, you’re a massive dick. Whereas, if you acknowledge tunes such as ‘Octopus In Love’ and ‘Lovelorn Unicorn’ outline that the London trio are the rightful heirs to the much lamented Shampoo (another litmus test of dickdom and dudeism), well, be content – you’re a superior breed of person to that other lot.

James McMahon

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