Album Review: The Feeling – ‘Together We Were Made’

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse...

[a]The Feeling[/a] are less a band, more a collection of jingles in search of an ad sync. Or at least, they were. This third album finds them, with considerable, Herculean effort, getting even shitter, a feat akin to making air less visible. ‘Set My World On Fire’ is a Lion King number sung by [a]Cliff Richard[/a].

The almost-engaging ‘Say No’ is a Cliff Richard ballad sung by The Lion King. ‘Together We Were Made’ is a record with its legs akimbo, its arsehole lubed to dripping and beckoning radio producers, Hollyoaks researchers and Whiskas ad men to go for their lives. Ironically, this limp, watered-down, arse-gravy version of ‘pop’ probably couldn’t even sell cat food.

Mark Beaumont

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