The Flaming Lips – ‘Peace Sword EP’

Tales of intergalactic warfare help revive Wayne Coyne’s melodic juju

Christ knows what sort of therapy Wayne Coyne’s signed up for, but here he follows an album about the emotional anguish of his marriage disintegrating (this year’s ‘The Terror’) with the next logical step: an EP about 22nd-century teenage space-Rambos fighting massive insectoid aliens. Coyne was commissioned to write a track for Ender’s Game – a sort of pre-teen Hunger Games that’s a sci-fi Hollywood take on the Somalian child soldier crisis – and the cinematic frivolity has revived a little of his melodic juju. Though this 37-minute six-tracker is prone to lengthy bouts of mood-setting, the fragile ‘Is The Black At The End Good’ is Coyne’s most uplifting ballad since ‘Do You Realize??’ and ‘Peace Sword (Open Your Heart)’ is a psych-orchestral redemption that sheds Coyne’s recent shroud of bleakness like Obi-Wan Kenobi uncloaking.

Mark Beaumont

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