Album Review: The Flowers Of Hell

Come Hell Or High Water

Facts about this album:

* The Flowers Of Hell are a transatlantic rock orchestra ranging in number from 16 to 30 people.

* ‘Come Hell Or High Water’ is their second album.

Album review:

The Flowers Of Hell is a transatlantic ‘rock orchestra’ led by Greg Jarvis, an apparently well-connected Canadian synaesthete (he ‘sees’ sounds). The 30 musicians who contributed to this second album include Patti Smith’s bassist Ivan Kral and erstwhile Spiritualized saxophonist Ray Dickaty, while Spacemen 3 veteran Pete Kember chipped in as a mixer. Blending classical music with space-blues, ‘Come Hell Or High Water’ is at times stirringly evocative of mid-’90s Spiritualized. The highpoint is a cover version: a wordless, lachrymose take on The Jesus And Mary Chain’s ‘Darklands’. There are pleasant bursts of dream-rock elsewhere, but these dreams are easy to awake from and instantly forget. .

Niall O’Keefe

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