Album review: The Frequency – ‘Morning To 3am’

Keep it simple, stupid

Da Vinci hit the nail on the head when proclaiming simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. With the rise of Auto-Tune we seem to be immersed in a grim cycle of façade. Many genres are being whizzed together manically, resulting in a not-so innocent smoothie of dizzying sounds and complex crossovers. And any era when someone suggests taking a “ride on your disco stick” (thanks, [a]Lady GaGa[/a]) spells danger. Luckily The Frequency’s debut EP is tied together with slick, stripped-back music strengthened by simplicity as much as beauty. ‘Unlikely Morning Song’ could calm even the most bilious of souls, while ‘Ego Is The Drug/3am’’s 17 minutes of poetic adventure has the scale of an instrumental Iliad.

Chris Mandle

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