The Go! Team: Bottle Rocket

Back from Mercury's, with a heart

The Mercury Prize was brilliant this year. Think about it; the albums, apart from the prerequisite ‘What the fuck?’ nominees, were all pretty good, the evening had a healthy dash of Anglo-American controversy and Ricky Wilson’s grin finally evaporated as he left the ceremony with no shiny gong and a face like a spanked arse. But think how much better it would have been had The Go! Team won. A 12-legged behemoth of high-kicks and retro beats, pasty white boys and cheerleading divas, they are the most unabashedly fun band in Britain. ‘Bottle Rocket’ continues in this vein, a riotous mish-mash of whatever they could find lying around, moulded into something that sounds like Basement Jaxx on MDMA. In space. Or something. Either way, it’s fantastic, and the album, ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ is better still. Safe to say, The Go! Team woz robbed.

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