Album Review: The Human League – Credo (Wall Of Sound)

A phoenix from the flames, triumphant with their British ensemble

Now here’s a thing. A band from the ’80s seeking present-day salvation from the ’90s. But Wall Of Sound and The All Seeing I’s joint bid to rescue [a]The Human League[/a] from Here And Now Tour obscurity is triumphant, chiefly because (save the odd production respray and re-upholstered vocal), they’ve let the Sheffield trio get on with exactly what they do best.

Which is to epitomise the most robotic, glamorous reaches of pop alongside its most grubby and provincial. And in turn embodying all that is barmy, British and completely nonsensical about pop music. But this time with their best songs since ‘Tell Me When’ in 1995. In more ways than one, timeless.

Dan Martin


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