The Invisible – ‘Rispah’

Adventurous and luxurious

The Invisible might be from London, but their songs are as unearthly as Boris Johnson’s space-helmet hair. With second album ‘Rispah’ they’ve gone all ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ with booming, space-aged beats. Minimalist starter ‘A Particle of Love’ launches into the unknown with sci-fi instrumentals and otherworldly background chants. ‘Surrender’ voyages over to the ambient sunshine percussion of TV On The Radio with singer/guitarist Dave Okumu’s neurotic vocals beaming through, while penultimate track ‘The Stain’ is haunting – as full of futuristic tension as stormtroopers in The Apprentice boardroom. Adventurous, forward-looking and luxurious, all at the same time.

Anna Conrad

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