Album review: The Leisure Society

The Sleeper

The Leisure Society evolved from a band Nick Hemming formed with Burton-On-Trent buddies Shane

Meadows and Paddy Considine, who left to pursue brilliant careers in film direction and acting. Maybe they sensed danger in Hemming’s fondness for mandolins and banjos. If so, good call. ‘The Sleeper’ is an album of shuffling pop-folk that veers between syrupy melancholia and smug chirpiness, evoking Tunng and Herman Dune, to generally irritating effect. There’s little to love in the sound of a strummed ukelele, or in Hemming’s platitudinous lyrics. A nadir is reached during ‘Love’s Enormous Wings’ when he earnestly reveals that “it takes all sorts to make this world”. Yawn.

Niall O’Keeffe

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