The Lemonheads – ‘Hotel Sessions’

An album of unearthed Lemonheads recordings

With bands such as [a]Yuck[/a] and [a]Wavves[/a] being fairly popular at the moment, and in thrall to the slovenly college indie scene of the early ’90s, there could be a worse time to release an album of unearthed [a]The Lemonheads[/a] recordings. However, ‘Hotel Sessions’ is some distance from an ‘]essential archive document’, or even something you ever need to hear’. Catching Lemonheads founder Evan Dando at an idyllic moment in his career arc – his alt.heartthrob status was swelling and he’d not yet started huffing the crack pipe – it features most of the songs from 1993’s ‘Come On Feel The Lemonheads’ taped on a Walkman in a hotel room several months before the album’s release. That wasn’t even their most highly regarded record, and all we learn from these wispy solo offerings is that Lemonheads songs are not improved by persistent cassette hiss and background noise. A shocker, that.

Noel Gardner

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