The Little Ones: Oh MJ!

Gonna be big. Arf

A pox on context, fie to meagre comparison, once in a while a record rises out of the rock meleé and slaps you in the gob with immaculate tunefulness, as brazen and bold as Jackiey Budden at a Hindi lesson, demanding to be appreciated above the buzz and scurry of so much indie scenester static. Such a record is LA pop wonders The Little Ones’ stunning ‘Sing Song’ mini-album, and while ‘Oh MJ!’ isn’t a patch on the harmony headrush of ‘High On A Hill’ it still sparkles like a space shuttle and glides like a seabird buzzing its beak off on angel fish, or whatever seabirds have for drugs. If we must demean it with similarity then it’s a lean, toned Magic Numbers or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah scooping up all the tunes that seem to have fallen off their new album into one three-minute bundle of pop perfection. Should have its own golden shelf in Fopp.

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