The Men – ‘Open Your Heart’

NYC hardcore-not-hardcore hellions

Us British folks have only just been given a shoeing from ‘Leave Home’, the second album from NYC hardcore-not-hardcore hellions The Men, and along comes a follow-up. Overall, ‘Open Your Heart’ is breezier and more tuneful than its predecessor, but this is very relative.

There are still buzzing hairballs of psychedelic punk, vocals fighting for priority in the gnarly mix, a Sonic Youth-ish nose for detuned exhilaration in cuts like ‘Oscillation’ and ‘Cube’. Factor in the title track (aka the cheekiest Buzzcocks homage you ever heard) and understand that these cats are riding the DIY-punk-to-lamestream-tonguebath train for very good reasons.

Noel Gardner



  • Record label: Sacred Bones
  • Release date: 05 Mar, 2012
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