The Music

Leadmill, Sheffield, Feb 9

Remember The Music? Perma-stoned, trog-ugly kings of early-millennial dance-rock? And remember how their singer Robert Harvey used to hide his troll-like features under a huge Jonathan Creek-style barnet? Well, the big news from tonight’s live return is that he’s now a Gollum-like slaphead.

However, it seems from the two newies they debut from their forthcoming third LP that little’s changed musically. While ‘Fire’, opening like U2’s ‘Vertigo’ with a firework up its arse, is a tight-as-fuck proto-new-rave banger (think ‘Getaway’ or ‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’), it’s followed by ‘No Danger’ – a meandering, stoned-Led Zep wig-out, and a reminder of their perennial achilles’ heel. If they could apply the same principles to their directionless jams that Harvey has to his hair, The Music could reclaim their indie-rave crown. If only…

Rick Martin