The Orb feat Lee “Scratch” Perry – ‘The Orbserver In The Star House’

This collaborative effort fails to connect

The Orb were one of the most important bands of the ’90s, bringing ambient house to the UK charts, and dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry was one of their key influences. On paper, that this collaboration should be a shoo-in for brilliance. The roots of the album lie in a DJ set that Orb mainstay Alex Paterson performed with Scratch MCing on top and the problem is, sadly, the album sounds like it. Scratch dances merrily over the electronics, but the two parties rarely connect in a cohesive way. Still, on the rare occasions they do, as on ‘Golden Clouds’, the results are brilliant.

Ben Cardew



  • Record label: Cooking Vinyl
  • Release date: 03 Sep, 2012
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