Album Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Up, Guards And At’Em! (Dance To The Radio)

Moving on from their maternal indie pastures one step at a time

[a]The Pigeon Detectives[/a] are one of Britain’s most fashionable bands. Faris Badwan will listen to little else. Kode 9 has dropped them mid-set. But they’ve ballsed it up by putting that synth intro on the start of the first track here. Those three seconds of stuttering electronica simply take their reputation for leftfield experimentalism too far.

Thankfully, such wilful pretension buggers off, and the rest is a more quality-controlled set than last time of big-chorus, [a]The Cribs[/a]-riffing indie comfort food to spoon into your slothful mouth while telling your pals you only listen to [a]Tune-Yards[/a]. They look set to outlast the indie boom years that spawned them.

Gavin Haynes


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