The Pigeon Detectives – ‘We Met At Sea’

More of the same, minus the big hooks

Originality has never been West Yorkshire’s The Pigeon Detectives’ ‘thing’. They are a band who’ve stuck to the indie formula first concocted on their 2007 debut ‘Wait For Me’ (a record that, lest we forget, went to Number Three in the charts), which was full of big hooks and tales of one-night stands and break-ups. Four albums later and it’s more of the same, minus the big hooks. ‘We Met At Sea’ is so generic it sounds like they’ve ripped themselves off, and when frontman Matt Bowman sings “It’s not by chance/We both know the moves to this dance” on ‘Animal’ it nicely sums up the banality of ‘We Met At Sea’ as a whole.

Simon Butcher