Album review: The Pipettes – ‘Earth Vs The Pipettes’ (Fortuna POP!)

Critical theory pop girls take one meta-step too far

The Pipettes are back! Kinda. They’ve done the full [a]Sugababes[/a], see: having rotated through all their original members, instead of three girls from Brighton playing ’60s-tinged twee-pop, the carousel has stopped at second album time on two sisters from Cardiff intent on making a ‘space disco’ record. The irony of a self-described ‘self-manufactured’ pop group deconstructing itself would have Roland Barthes popping a lung, but that brief delectation aside, even Martin Rushent – the man who made the [a]Human League[/a]’s ‘Dare’ – can’t add enough bells and whistles to stop the tunes from sounding like they’ve been faxed over from one of Stock & Aitken’s duller days at the office.

Gavin Haynes

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