Album Review: The Raveonettes – Raven In The Grave (Vice)

Glimpses of eerie simplicity, but lacking conviction with their dark mystique

That title and the emblematic corvid on the sleeve might suggest a band reconnecting with their darkest core. So it’s disappointing when ‘Recharge & Revolt’ invokes little more revolutionary than the wet spirit of TPOBPAH. It’s only one misstep in what’s an otherwise engrossing variation on [a]The Raveonettes[/a]’ sound: hazy, dark, [a]The Cure[/a]-ish dreampop with a Lynchian vibe.

‘War in Heaven’ sprinkles cold, starry twinkles of glockenspiel over brooding bass, spooky and simple. Sharin and Sune are showing the kids they own this hauntological shit, and the gorgeous ‘Forget That You’re Young’ takes the spectral sweetness of Cults et al and gives it some leather-clad spine. Dead, but still vital.

Duncan Gillespie


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