Album Review: The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys And Girls Club

Facts about this album:

* The Strange Boys are Ryan Sambol (guitar and vocals), Matt Hammer (drums), Philip Sambol (bass) and Greg Enlow (guitar).

* ‘The Strange Boys And Girls Club’ is their debut album.

Album review:

As spring awakens and its rays of sunshine fleetingly emerge, a nation of pasty-faced hopefuls reach for the Ray-Bans and make like it’s August in Ibiza. It’s the British way. But if ever there was a soundtrack to fool you into false beliefs of summer abandonment, the ‘TSBAGC’ is surely a frontrunning contender. Drenched in a nonchalant, South Coast swagger, but shot throughout with Ryan Sambol’s petulant, gravelly howl, The Strange Boys come on like a mid-’60s Rolling Stones messed over by the Black Lips; all major keys and jangling guitars, but with a filthy agenda. So, while their Beach Boys on mescaline tricks won’t rewrite the rulebook, for reckless frivolity they’ll do just fine.

Lisa Wright

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