Album Review: The Strange Boys – ‘Be Brave’

Fortune seems to have favoured this Texan outfit

It’s a merciful relief that, with their second effort in 12 months, The Strange Boys’ ramshackle garage-rock has not so much grown up as merely grown slightly wider. Ryan Sambol’s nasal drawl still laces over the four-piece’s trademark jangling surf guitars and lo-fi ambles, but, with the likes of ‘The Unsent Letter’’s stripped-down, piano-led blues, and the opening balladry of ‘A Walk On The Bleach’, the band’s repertoire seems to have expanded to more than just pseudo-[a]Black Lips[/a] southern romp-a-longs. Tellingly, ‘Be Brave’ is back-loaded with easily the strongest and most diverse cuts, and by the time the final acoustic plucks of ‘You Can’t Only Love When You Want’ fade out, The Strange Boys have done almost a sonic 180. Being a little braver clearly suits them.

Lisa Wright

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