Album review: The Vaselines – Sex With An X (Sub Pop)

The twee-pop legends return with a smut-heavy, ideas-thin second album

Just before the release of their debut album in 1989, twee-pop legends [a]The Vaselines[/a] split up and risked the possibility of their name fading into obscurity. Luckily they had a fan in one Kurt Cobain, who covered three of their songs and made the Glaswegian duo cult heroes, although ‘Dum-Dum’ remained their only full-length release. That is, until now. Thankfully, they’ve not lost their smutty tongue and ‘Sex With An X’ is packed with lyrics that would make the most seasoned of sailors squirm. Sadly, though, despite the band’s semi-mythical status, the tracks are basically centred on the same riff, and after an initial giggle it does get boring. Sex with a z – amusing but dull.

Jamie Crossan

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