Album Review : The Veils

Sun Gangs

Facts about this album:

* The Veils are Finn Andrews, Sophia Brun, Henning Dietz and Daniel Raishbrook.

* The original line-up of The Veils, formed when Finn Andrews was 16, dissolved in 2004 after musical disagreements.

* ‘Sun Gangs’ is The Veils’ third album.

Album review:

Look away now, faint of heart, for Finn Andrews has drawn back the curtain once more on his roiling, rancorous psyche. Although less vitriolic than 2006’s ‘Nux Vomica’, his third album still throbs with delicious melodrama and anguished assertions. In place of venom, though, there’s the resigned, string-couched grace of ‘Sit Down By The Fire’ and the Ryan Adams romanticism of ‘The Letter’. ‘Three Sisters’ tries on a more Bad Seeds-y growl and clatter, but Andrews hasn’t quite the vocal power to carry it off. The translucent, daydream beauty of ‘It Hits Deep’, though, is simply glorious, and the mesmerising ‘Larkspur’ no less astounding. Melancholy: less is definitely more.

Emily Mackay

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