The View: Superstar Tradesman

Pete and Bobby G’s faves deliver second classic single

The new rave stormtroopers may be at the door, but out in the country the post-Monkeys rock boom is having side-effects more surreal than any party in a car park. In Glasgow, titfer-wearing disciples of Jon Fratelli compose burlesque love letters to ‘Chelsea Dagger’ dressed as bridegrooms. In Brighton, the mere sighting of a Kook causes impromptu communal singalongs of ‘Jackie Big Tits’. And then there’s Dundee scamps The View (named after their local pub, The Bayview Bar). Initially dismissed by industry sceptics as identi-kit post-Pete’n’Carl strummers, the follow-up to Top 15 smash ‘Wasted Little DJs’ is another cracking teenage symphony, this time about escaping age-old pressures to knuckle down and get a job. “I don’t want money/I want happiness/I don’t want cash and no/I quite like memories!”, hollers Kieren, before gasping: “What would you do/If I asked you to sail away/And see some sights?”

Hearing it – and seeing the reckless carpe diem genius displayed by the band in the ‘Wasted Little DJs’ video – reminds you The View have tapped into rock’n’roll’s core ethic: form a band with your mates and battle small-mindedness wherever you find it. No wonder their teenage fanclub grows nightly to the chorus of, “The View are on fire!” Best thing out of Dundee since the 12.05 to King’s Cross.

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