The Walkmen – ‘Heaven’

The Walkmen go all bequiffed and sophisticated, and it works

Walkmen album FAQ #1: no, ‘The Rat’ isn’t on it. Rat fans, indeed, have been increasingly disappointed since 2004’s ‘Bows + Arrows’ that The Walkmen have shunned vermin-smothered dancefloors in favour of the languid ballroom, developing a sophisticated take on bequiffed croon-pop that, on this seventh album, makes them sound like the ’50s band The Strokes were trying to copy all along. Merging Arcade Fire’s warble, Link Wray’s twang and Tony Bennett’s wink to the ladies, they concoct beauteous bouts of romantic desolation in ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Song For Leigh’ that, you could imagine, play in Miles Kane’s head when he gets dumped. Heavenly.
[i]Mark Beaumont[/i]



  • Director: Phil Ek
  • Record label: Bella Union
  • Release date: 04 Jun, 2012