Therapy? – ‘A Brief Crack Of Light’

A great shame from the ageing alt.metal troopers

[a]Therapy?[/a] have been an active concern since 1989, ‘A Brief Crack Of Light’ remarkably taking them to 13 albums, but even most ageing alt.metal troopers would struggle to identify any of their songs from the last decade and a half. The Ulster three-piece, who were a big deal as far back as the early ’90s, are sage enough to know this, and are now content to write records with no concern for the rock club dancefloor.

Their stoicism and open ears are admirable, so it’s a great shame that this album’s component parts – vinegary noise-rock, cinematic grandeur and a game approximation of Battles entitled ‘Marlow’ – don’t raise the whole above ‘nice to know they’re still around’ status.

Noel Gardner