Album review: Timbaland – Shock Value II (Atlantic)

Awkwardly pieced together third solo outing

It’d be easy to completely ignore the vacuous radio fodder of ‘Shock Value II‘ if it didn’t happen to be from [a]Timbaland[/a]. As such we’re obliged to listen closer just in case we miss something BRILLIANT. From [a]Jay-Z[/a] to [a]Björk[/a], [a]MIA[/a], [a]Limp Bizkit[/a] and J-pop sensation Utada Hikaru, gathering all his past clients for a wine and cheese evening would probably descend into silence as the guests realised they had little in common but canapés. Here, appearances including [a]Katy Perry[/a] and human spaniel Chad Kroeger smack of the same mismatched awkwardness. Nothing quite fits, giving the impression that this material wasn’t good enough for the guest artists’ own albums. It seems Timbaland’s parties are no longer worth attending.

Alex Hoban

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