Album Review: Title Fight – ‘Shed’

Their classic formula debut of melodic hardcore places life back into the punk rock scene

While the title may not suggest it – calling your debut album, your first offering set loose on the world, ‘Shed’ feels a little like calling your childhood sweetheart ‘Dogshit’ – the first long-play offering by these Pennsylvania teen punks might just be one of the best punk rock debuts of the year.

Sure, it doesn’t even try to mess with the basic template of the best melodic hardcore (um… melodic, hard, fast, emotional) but the pop sass shown in songs like ‘Coxton Yard’ and ‘Society’ are what lift Title Fight high above the more generic offerings from this sometimes tired scene. We’re looking forward to the next record already. Can we suggest ‘Trowel’ as a working title?

James McMahon

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