Album Review: Titus Andronicus – ‘The Monitor’ (Merok/XL)

Breaking all the rules has mixed results

Titus, gloriously, adhere to no plan. Step one: release a staggering debut about being young and lost. Step two: release a concept-driven follow-up about the American Civil War…ish. See? And while their bravado is to be applauded – few are the bands who can make “You will always be a loser” sound joyous, as on ‘No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future’ – there’s a bloodymindedness on ‘The Monitor’ that is equally infuriating and invigorating. The former because it ambles where it should race, as in ‘A Pot In Which To Piss’, and the latter because the majority of the album, especially ‘A More Perfect Union’, tells a macro tale writ small where massive disasters become personal crises. Imperfect, and attractively so.

Rob Parker

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