Album Review: To Rococo Rot – ‘Speculation’ (Domino)

If only this album was more tuneful than testing

With their last album [b]‘ABC 123’[/b], a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Helvetica typeface, it seemed as if [b]To Rococo Rot[/b] were to follow their German forebears, the mighty [b]Kraftwerk[/b], celebrating the straight line in pursuit of joyous modernity. Sadly, with [b]‘Speculation’[/b], their journey aboard the trans-Europe express to experimentalism seems to have been derailed. While the likes of [b]‘Away’[/b] and [b]‘Ship’[/b] trundle pleasantly along with an assortment of beeps and whirrs, it takes an appearance from [b]Faust[/b]’s Jochen Irmler on the eerie chimes of [b]‘Friday’[/b] to help [b]‘Speculation’[/b] move from tuneful to testing. Too bad they couldn’t have made a similar Faustian pact for the rest of the record.

[b]Ben Hewit[/b]

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