Toddla T – ‘Watch Me Dance: Agitated By Ross Orton & Pipes’

Toddla's 2011 album, injected with bass music clatter

Sheffield producers have delivered game-changing dancefloor devastators with platinum basslines for a good 25 years. Toddla T, one of the Steel City’s newest, is the first to be rewarded with his own Radio 1 show. Are his elders bitter? In the case of DJ Pipes and sometime Jarvis Cocker bandmate Ross Orton, presumably not, because they’ve remixed ‘Watch Me Dance’, Toddla’s 2011 album. Grab that first, certainly, but don’t mistake this for idle filler: the Yorkshire bleep-rave and bassline house already in Toddla’s system is amped up and injected with hypermodern bass music clatter.

Noel Gardner

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