Album Review: Toploader – ‘Only Human’

Firmly nailing the lid on their half buried coffin

If ever an album’s cover symbolised the dubious contents within, it’s [a]Toploader[/a]’s ‘Only Human’: a lonely robot with a sad, solitary tear dripping down its face, remembering the glories of yesteryear as it stares into the abyss. Likewise, after over a decade of presumably flogging sausages in Sainsbury’s rather than soundtracking their ads, Toploader’s ‘comeback’ is a woe-is-me tale of dashed dreams.

“My spirit gone/No appetite”, Joseph Washbourn bleats over a beige wall of sound that [a]Coldplay[/a] fans would condemn for its whimsy. What, your wishy-washy ramblings have put you off dinner? That’s penance for all those barbecues you ruined with ‘Dancing In The Fucking Moonlight’.

Ben Hewitt

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