Album review: Trentemoller – ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ (In My Room)

Dance goes gothabilly in the most intense of ways

Anders [a]Trentemoller[/a] transcends genre. Nominally a techno producer, the great Dane’s work has always had a cinematic scope, a musicality very different to that of most functional club beats. On his second album, the gloves come off, and how. A dark, dense, swirling melodrama in his exquisite bleeps are reduced to but a thread, as he explores his love for gothic Americana (revealed on last year’s excellent ‘Harbour Boat Trips’ mix), pouting post-punk and big, twanging ’50s rock’n’roll guitar. At times, it sounds like Duane Eddy and [a]Dan Sartain[/a] duelling as Berlin burns; at others like the best record UNKLE never made. Intense.

Tony Naylor