Turbonegro – ‘Sexual Harrasment’

Turbonegro release one of their finest albums

Losing a lead singer is a little like losing a head in the ‘future prognosis’ stakes. Sure, the band might continue to play on, just as a decapitated chicken can continue to strut out a lap of the farmyard, but really, once that severing has occurred, the writing is well and truly on the wall. Accordingly, the departure of vocalist Hank von Helvete should really have been the final bell for denim-clad Norwegian “death punks” Turbonegro. But with gruff new British singer Tony Sylvester – formerly of London bruisers The Dukes Of Nothing – at the helm, they sound on this new album like a band reinvigorated (especially after 2007’s rather limp ‘Retox’). Turbo’s charm is in the way they don’t just understand, but completely inhabit the essential ridiculousness of rock’n’roll, the likes of ‘I Got A Knife’, ‘Tight Jeans, Loose Leash’ and stomping piano-pounder ‘Shake Your Shit Machine’ a sour cocktail of glam, Ramones, Stones and black metal that backs up that tongue you can hear in its cheek with the bulge of a nice firm bicep.

Louis Pattison



  • Record label: Volcom
  • Release date: 06 Aug, 2012

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