White Fence – ‘Cyclops Reap’

Former Ty Segall collaborator keeps things pleasingly classic

If you count last year’s ‘Family Perfume Vol 1’ and ‘Family Perfume Vol 2’ as two albums (and why would you not?), LA-based one-man band Tim Presley aka White Fence released three albums in 2012. The third was ‘Hair’, a collaboration with the equally prolific San Franciscan rocker Ty Segall. All were a trippy, lo-fi, psych-punk riot, the sound of a man taking his love of classic rock (The Beatles, Neil Young, The Velvet Underground) and twisting it into something deeply weird.
His follow-up, ‘Cyclops Reap’, keeps the party going. ‘Pink Gorilla’ is the single and has this John Lennon singing over his own distorted farts thing going on. On ‘Beat’ you find something like the Meat Puppets messing about with snare rims,
and the ice-cream van music of ‘White Cat’ gets an Ariel Pink echo makeover. But it’s unfair to constantly compare White Fence to other artists, because the way him and Segall are operating right now is unique.

Tom Howard