Album review: Underground Railroad

Pick The Ghost EP

French trio Underground Railroad sit somewhere awesome between the post-punk fury of Pixies and the angst of Nirvana. Following on from their 2008 homage to 4AD’s back-catalogue, ‘Sticks And Stones’, comes this poppier, more psychedelic EP. Swathes of ‘NYC Ghosts…’-era Sonic Youth guitar flood your ears on opener ‘Pick The Ghost’, as bass player Marion Andrau emulates Kim Gordon’s creamed snarl, adding a new dimension to their sound, while on ‘Breakfast’ the bass and guitars possess a rockabilly feel. Not a drastic move from their familiar resentment of the mundane (‘Monday Morning’ complains: “Don’t get up/Monday morning”), but certainly an indication that there’s more intrigue to come.

Ash Dosanjh

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