Jimmy Edgar – ‘Majenta’

Confirms his inimitable creative talents

Detroit-born, Berlin-based Jimmy Edgar is one of electronic music’s most intriguing figures. Still just 28, he is both an internationally renowned fashion photographer and a prolific dance music producer, renowned for turning out sleazy, highly sexualised electro-funk, house and instrumental R&B for Warp and !K7. But it has been two years since his last release, and from the sounds of ‘Majenta’ he’s spent that time as you’d expect any self-proclaimed ‘star-child’ would: jet-setting between Detroit and Berlin, basking in the sexual energy and gilded debauchery of high fashion, and delving deeper into the classic ’80s funk and electronica that are such obvious influences on him. ‘I Need Your Control’ and ‘Sex Drive’ lay Edgar’s raunchy, robotic sound bare, filled with vocoders, shimmering synths and reverbed snares, while ‘Let Yrself Be’ and ‘Indigo Mechanix (3D)’ flaunt more current grooves that place ‘Majenta’ firmly in this decade and confirm Edgar’s inimitable creative talents.

Jon Cook



  • Director: Jimmy Edgar
  • Record label: Hot Flush
  • Release date: 14 May, 2012
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