Field Music & Warm Digits – ‘BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Session’

An entertaining curio of a collaboration for this Maida Vale session

Those looking forward to more of Field Music’s tumbling melodies and dry lyrical humour, be warned: teaming up with old pals Warm Digits does strange things to their songwriting compass. Last January, the Brewis brothers and Andrew Hodson (one half of WD) produced an experimental mini-LP of which only one copy was made, and exhibited in Manchester’s Lauriston Gallery as a reaction against digital releases. Weeks earlier, both bands spent just a day constructing this EP in Maida Vale Studios. The sessions’ improvisational nature veers more towards Warm Digits’ sprawling motorik than Field Music’s tightly woven intricacies: ‘Elements Of The Sun’ attaches itself to Klaus Dinger-inspired foundations, while ‘Snow Watch’ wallows in trip-infused kosmische traits. But the Brewises’ staccato hooks on ‘Travelodge Blues’ and the cocksure bassline on ‘Higgs’ prove their worth on this entertaining curio of a collaboration.

Simon Jay Catling