Woods – ‘With Light And With Love’

Brooklyn band evoke '60s San Francisco on positive new album

On Brooklyn’s Woods’ seventh album in nine years, they continue on their ever-evolving psych-folk trajectory. It sparkles with the light and love mentioned in the album title, lending the 10 songs the lackadaisical summer vibe of the Berkeley Street hippies in ’60s San Francisco, especially on the nine-minute title track that swoops around with no boundaries. It’s strikingly and impressively different from the sluggish and lethargic output of their debut, 2006’s ‘How To Survive In + In The Woods’. There’s a rare moment of foreboding on the briefly gloomy ‘Feather Man’, but the likes of ‘Shining’ and the Avi Buffalo-style ‘Only The Lonely’ are representative of an optimistic and sprightly record.

Mischa Pearlman



  • Record label: Woodsist
  • Release date: 14 Apr, 2014
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