Badbadnotgood – ‘III’

Instrumental trio show off spectacular skills on inventive but occasionally conservative new album

Hip-hop’s links with jazz reach back to Gil Scott-Heron and The Last Poets, but does jazz love hip-hop back? Badbadnotgood certainly do: the instrumental trio scored work with Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator and RZA after their Odd Future cover during a performance exam at jazz college failed to wow the assembled panel of judges but succeeded in wowing the internet. Sounds like the plot to every bad ‘street dancing’ film ever, but new album ‘III’ is a fluid, inventive affair. Shades of post-rock make the whole feel oddly conservative in parts, but ‘Can’t Leave The Night’ sounds like a trap DJ Shadow, and ‘Hedron’ boasts imagination to match the band’s spectacular musicianship.

Alex Denney



  • Record label: Innovative Leisure
  • Release date: 05 May, 2014
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