Clipping – ‘CLPPNG’

Experimental hip-hop courtesy of the LA trio

This unpredictable LA hip-hop trio caught Sub Pop’s attention with 2013’s ‘Midcity’ album; its successor is a series of sonic bombs awaiting detonation. Pairing Daveed Diggs’ vocals with schizophrenic noise from musicians William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, ‘CLPPNG’ begins with 60 seconds of feedback and a noise explosion by way of introduction to Diggs’ hyper-fast rapping over building-site beats. The industrial clanging of ‘Body & Blood’ samples a drill and depicts a bloodthirsty woman who “has her own set of power tools”. The crash of hammer against breezeblock resounds on ‘Work Work’ – and that’s their most accessible song. But Clipping’s nightmare is riveting, particularly during its sweat-inducing peak ‘Get Up’, which uses an alarm clock as a beat underneath breakneck verses. Wake up, America.

Ben Homewood



  • Record label: Sub Pop
  • Release date: 09 Jun, 2014