The Acid – ‘Liminal’

International trio push boundaries with field recordings, bass music and indie torch songs

The Acid fuse indie with post-Burial bass music so seamlessly that you forget The xx ever existed. True to the album’s title, the trio of global innovators – Aussie cult folkster Ry X, Grammy-nominated British producer Adam Freeland and LA’s Drake and The Weeknd collaborator Steve Nalepa – concoct a hybrid of genteel guitar music and urban electronica on tracks such as ‘Veda’, an evolution from indie torch song to deep house heartbreaker, and the melodramatic chillrave of ‘Fame’. The descent into indie R&B anaemia on ‘Animal’ is less exciting, but otherwise, drenched in field recordings of whisked eggs and jangling bracelets, this album is an imaginative and accessible bout of boundary-crushing.

John Calvert

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