The Inbetweeners 2 – Film Review

The boys bid farewell with a laugh out loud Carry On film for Generation Y

Alarm bells tend to go off when press aren’t invited to see a film before it gets released. In this case it’s not because the film is, as James Buckley’s character Jay might say, “wank”, but an attempt to ramp the hype. After The Inbetweeners Movie took over £40m at the box office it’s critic-proof and anyway, fans of the four ‘everylads’ from the Home Counties will be pleased to hear the gags flow when Will, Neil and Simon join Jay in Australia for the ‘gap year’ trip of a lifetime.

Jay lures his old schoolmates under false pretences: “He makes out he’s become this superstar DJ living in a mansion in Australia having sex with loads of amazing girls,” Buckley told NME. In fact, the self-proclaimed “bantersaurus” is a toilet attendant in a Sydney nightclub pining for ex-girlfriend Jane while dossing in a tent on his uncle’s lawn.

The boys are “down under” in the “bush” so, as you expect, writer/director duo Damon Beesley and Iain Morris make the most of double entendres. It’s like a Carry On film for Generation Y as the four try not to commit the cardinal sin of putting “muff before mates.” If some of the jokes don’t quite hit the mark, don’t worry there’ll be another shoved right up in your face – like the bit when Blake Harrison’s Neil gets his balls licked by a dog while dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter.

If you want gross-out humour it’s coming at you by the bowel-full. In one orchestrally soundtracked scene the ultimate humiliation falls to Will (Simon Bird). A homage to Bill Murray’s golf comedy Caddyshack involves a camera-tracked turd in a swimming pool triggered by Neil’s “irritating bowels”.

We’ve all made prats out of ourselves, but The Inbetweeners turn it into a laugh out loud art form. Sit tight and you’ll be rewarded with a Hangover-inspired credits sequence. Enjoy the bants because, as the team told NME, this is the last episode. Actor wankers.

Dan Brightmore