Goat – ‘Commune’

The Swedish cultists' second album offers Afrobeat rhythms and righteous psychedelia

The pedigree of their 2012 debut ‘World Music’ was such that nobody questioned Goat’s fanciful backstory, involving a remote village in Sweden, voodoo mysticism and witch doctors. The seven-piece’s heavy, physical take on psychedelic rock is even more convincing on ‘Commune’. Compared to its predecessor, the production is snappier and helps lift the veil on their righteous noise. What lies beneath is frequently glorious, especially in the second half, where rolling, Afrobeat-infused rhythms underpin their best work. ‘Goatchild’, a bastard offspring of Link Wray and Swans, buzzes hypnotically with dueling wah and fuzz guitars. Instrumental track ‘Bondye’ offers temporary respite before they cleave apart their own musical landscape on searing closer ‘Gathering Of Ancient Tribes’. Whether you believe their tall tales or not, what’s certain is that, two studio albums and a live LP in, Goat are on quite a trip.

Rob Webb



  • Director: Goat
  • Record label: Rocket Recordings
  • Release date: 22 Sep, 2014