Palace – ‘Lost In The Night’ EP

London quartet mark themselves out as successors to The Maccabees' sensitive indie throne

‘Lost In The Night’ may only be London quartet Palace’s first EP, but it marks them out as possible successors to The Maccabees as sensitive indie boys to swoon over. Like The Antlers if they added a bluesy twang to their melancholy musings, or Manchester’s Money shorn of the poetic eccentricity, Palace deal in theatrical melodies to tingle the spine. ‘Bitter’’s gentle ripple comes on like a lost track from ‘Given To The Wild’, while ‘Veins’ wraps singer Leo Wyndham’s warm vocal around a simple, four-chord lullaby. Best is centrepiece ‘Ocean Deep’, which distills Palace’s knack for intimate yet epic atmospherics into five minutes of subtle reverb and beguiling guitar crescendos.

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