Dean Blunt – ‘Black Metal’

The enigmatic Hackney prankster outdoes himself with a fantastically complex new album

This second solo album from former Hype Williams man Dean Blunt is easily the most ambitious record he’s ever made. 2013’s ‘The Redeemer’ was impressive, but full of the easily recognisable lo-fi dub, rap, krautrock and R&B sounds carried over from his work with Inga Copeland in his previous band. It felt like the subversive prankster from Hackney was running out of ideas. ‘Black Metal’ however, is a tour de force that obliterates its predecessor. Jangly opener ‘Lush’ features vocalist Joanne Robertson and sounds like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, as does ‘100’. Elsewhere, there are excursions into electronic jazz (‘Hush’, ‘Grade’), soulful mixtures of folk and hip-hop (’50 Cent’, ‘Blow’), and noisy unclassifiable flights of fancy (‘Country’, ‘Hush’). ‘Forever’ and ‘X’ form an epic centrepiece, two tracks that merge into a dirge of saxophones, broken beats and maudlin piano, ending with Blunt lamenting, “He ain’t never coming back”. Complex, original and even sincere, it’s a brilliant new departure.

Huw Nesbitt



  • Director: Dean Blunt
  • Record label: Rough Trade
  • Release date: 03 Nov, 2014
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