Alex G – ‘DSU’

Philadelphian bedroom musician mixes dusty lo-fi and warm electronics

At just 21, Alex Giannascoli has released five albums. ‘DSU’, his latest, was made in his bedroom in Philadelphia, where he is at university. Initially released on tiny Brooklyn label Orchid Tapes this summer, it skilfully combines Neil Young’s dusty American songcraft with scratchy lo-fi and wandering electronic influences. ‘Serpent Is Lord’ is built on dissonant guitar and percussive clatter that echo Parquet Courts, while warm guitar billows through ‘Rejoyce’. Most intriguing are ‘Promise’ and ‘Tripper’; the former a twanging combination of riffs and electronics; the latter a dreamy, piano-led instrumental. Piano brings this richly diverse record to a climax, too, as a maudlin twinkle lends closer ‘Boy’ extra impact.

Ben Homewood