Cult Of Youth – ‘Final Days’

Dissonant and distant sounds inform the gothic punks' third LP

Cult Of Youth’s third album for Brooklyn label Sacred Bones is brutal. Sean Ragon remains the gothic punks’ central figure, but here he is part of a five-piece band. On opener ‘Todestrieb’, strings creak over hollow drums and a frightening whipping sound, while ‘Dragon Rouge’ refers to “angels calling” as an acoustic riff is butchered by distant shouting and dissonant feedback. The guitar on ‘Roses’ suffers a similar fate but there is variation elsewhere: ‘Empty Faction’’s jittery motorik sounds like Can on fast-forward and ‘Of Amber’ offers seven minutes of hazy respite. ‘Sanctuary’ sums up ‘Final Days’ best, a nine-minute odyssey of guttural vocals, noise and melody.

Ben Homewood



  • Record label: Sacred Bones
  • Release date: 24 Nov, 2014