Antemasque – ‘Antemasque’

At The Drive-In's Cedric and Omar reconcile over punk-inspired blasts of rock'n'roll

Whether with the visceral post-hardcore of At The Drive-In or the somewhat self-indulgent prog-rock experimentation of The Mars Volta, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez have always made complex music. This time around, though, it’s different. After their very public fallout in 2012, which brought about the demise of The Mars Volta, the pair have reconciled their differences and returned as Antemasque. Although this self-titled debut contains shades of their previous bands, it’s noticeably more direct, and rockets onwards, simple and straightforward. ‘I Got No Remorse’ and ‘Momento Mori’ are both urgent, punk-inspired blasts of rock’n’roll, while the jangly romanticism of ‘50,000 Kilowatts’ is surely the most sentimental song they’ve ever written – and one of the best.

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